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Best Practices in Social Studies Education
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I have been a teacher for three years at West High School in Columbus Public School district in Columbus, Ohio.  West High School is part of the Columbus Pathways to Success Initiative.  This initiatve is a high school reform initiative that involves the entire community to help students succeed.  We are a career academy based school with five different academies.  They are the Freshman Success Academy, Arts and Communications Academy, Business Academy, Health and Human Resources Academy, and Information Technology Academy.  The focus of this initiative is to prepare students for the career of their choice by introducing them to different career options within their chosen academies.  For more information click on the link below and it will take you to the Columbus Pathways to Success Initiative website. 
The purpose of this website is to discuss best practices in Social Studies Education.  Best practices are those practices or techniques that educators have had success with in the classroom and with students.  I hope that this site will be both educational and useful for educators who are trying to find new and different ways to further their students' skills.

Columbus Pathways to Success Initiative

Over the past few years, I have tried many different approaches to developing students' skills in the area of social studies.  These are a few best practices that I feel are assets to any teacher.