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A Timeline of Events That Led to War


Today and tomorrow, you and a partner will be creating a timeline of events that led to the start of the Civil War. You will need to include the events that are listed below as well as other events you find important. Keep in mind that this timeline is for a grade therefore, you should choose a partner that will be helpful and easy to work with.


Events that need to be included: (each item is worth 2 points each)

        Louisiana Purchase

        Election of 1860

        Missouri Compromise

        Kansas-Nebraska Act

        Fugitive Slave Act

        Compromise of 1850

        Nullification Crisis

        South Carolina secedes

        Confederate States of America

        At least 4 important inventions

        Inauguration of Lincoln

        Civil War begins (should be the last item on the list)

        Six other items of your choice


You will be graded on the following: (each item is worth 10 points)

        SPELLING-make sure you know how to spell something before you put it on your timeline

        CREATIVITY-try to make your timeline look different from others and be as creative as possible

        COLOR-you know that I love it! So make sure that you use as many colors as possible

        ORGANIZATION-this is a timeline therefore, all items should be in chronological order (look it up if you do not know what it is)-your timeline should also include all information that is required plus SIX more items

        NEATNESS-if I cannot read it then I cannot grade it (and I will not grade it)

        TIMLINESS-this timeline is due on Thursday by the end of class (If you want time to review then you better finish early)


Your timeline is worth 100 points. This timeline should reflect your best quality work. I will not accept or grade a timeline that is not your best work. I will give extra credit points to those pairs that are on task and quiet throughout the length of this assignment.