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A Timeline of My History



Directions: Your first assignment for 19th Century American History will be a timeline of important events in your life. I am assigning you this task so that I may get to know you. For this reason, it is important that you take this assignment seriously and include important events that have happened to you personally. For example it would be appropriate for you to include breaking your arm when you were eight, but it would not be appropriate for you to include I passed the third grade. All items should be significant events in your life. The assignment will be broken into three parts and they are as follows.


  1. Journal #1 (25 points)-Using at least of the page, write in detail about five events that have had a significant impact on your life. You should include all-important details. I should be able to get the whole story from your journal.


  1. Journal #2 (25 points)-Make a list of fifteen or more items that you want to include on your timeline. You may organize your timeline however you want as long as it follows a chronological order. Please make sure that you write your list in the order you will place the items on your timeline.


  1. Timeline (50 points)-You will be given a large piece of construction paper to use to design your timeline. Your timeline will be hung in the classroom so make sure that it is appropriate for school. The timeline should be neat, colorful, creative, unique, and legible with the correct spelling of all words. You will be graded on the previous items as well as spelling, organization, and the title of your timeline.


Due Date:


This project is worth 100 points. Remember that this is the first project that we are doing in class. If you and your classmates cannot handle this project, there will be no others. I plan to do many projects. Please keep in mind that your behavior will determine if the class will get to do more projects.