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Current Events Notebook Directions


You will have a current event due every Friday.  For every current event you have completed on time, you will receive a check mark and sticker.  At the end of the nine weeks, you will turn in the notebook for a grade.  Your notebook should be completed, whether you have all check marks or not, because you will still be able to receive half credit.  Each week, you will need to have your notebook completed by the time you come to class.


You will also have a topic for every current event.  Your topic will be one of the following:


Your current events notebooks will need to be set up as follows:

  1. On the front of the notebook you need to write Current Events Notebook.  In the bottom right corner, you need to put your name, period, teacher, and date.


Current Events Notebook












  1. The first page of your notebook should have a title with an illustration.  Also, you will need to staple that page to the second page of the notebook. 


  1. Your current event must be taped or glued to the left side of the notebook.  You will write your summary and analysis on the right of the notebook.


  1. For every new current event, you must head the page Current Event #X.  This will help you keep track of how many events you have in your book and how many more you need to do to complete the notebook.


  1. Every week, you will need to read your current event and answer three questions in a paragraph each.  I should be able to understand the story by reading your response. 


  1. Remember that current events are due on Friday ever week.  Your notebook will be worth 200 points at the end of the nine weeks.


The due dates and topics for each of your current events are located on the back of this sheet.