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Six Sides of Cubing



The following are the six sides of the cube.  These sides are defined to help you understand exactly what you will be writing about for the teacher.


  1. Describe it-consider/visualize the subject in detail and describe what you see-colors, shapes, sizes, memories, etc.


  1. Compare it-to what is it similar?  From what is it different?


  1. Associate it-What does it make you think of?  You might associate it with similar things, or you can think of different things, times, places, people, etc.  Just let your mind go and see what associations you have for this subject.


  1. Analyze it-Tell how it is made or how it functions.  If you do not know, make it up!


  1. Apply it- Tell what you can do with it.  How can it be used?


  1. Argue for or against it-Go ahead and take a stand.  Be sure that you substantiate your stand with reasons-any findings, rational, silly or anywhere in between.  Maybe you would like to examine your own understandings of it.