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World War I Evaluation


We have been learning about World War I for the past few weeks.  Instead of giving you a test to evaluate your knowledge of Chapter 23, I have decided to have you create an educational poster.  You will complete this assignment on your own and it must be finished no later than Friday, May 30, 2003.  The following are items that are expected to be included on your poster.


Theme: You must choose a theme for your educational poster.  The point in having a theme is to help with organization.  For this reason, you will only need to include information that is relevant to your theme.  This is one of the most important sections of your poster. 

Possible theme choices are:


Information: Your poster should be educational.  Therefore, you need to include as much information on your theme as you can find.  You may have access to the computers if your textbook does not provide you with enough information on a topic. 

You should also pay close attention to the following:


Spelling: Make sure you know how to spell all words that will be on your poster.  Pay close attention to those words that you are not used to spelling.


Creativity: Try to make your educational poster look different from others and be as creative as possible.  You should have an interesting title that helps draw attention to your poster


Color: You know that I love color!  Make sure that you use as many colors as possible.  Also, you can choose a few colors that you want to use to help your poster look organized.


Organization: This assignment is an educational poster. Therefore, all items should have the purpose to educate your audience.  Also, you need to make sure that your poster has an order to it so that information can be easily found and read.  This is one of the most important sections for your poster.  Make sure you organize the poster before you begin writing.


Neatness: If I cannot read the information that is included on your poster, then I cannot grade it and I will not grade it.


Timeliness: Your poster is due by Friday, May 30, 2003 by the end of class



  1. Theme-_______________________________________                            

_______/30 points


  1. Information-is all possible information included and is it stated correctly

_______/20 points


  1. Spelling-all words are spelled correctly

_______/10 points


  1. Creativity-poster is original and educational and has a title

_______/10 points


  1. Color-many colors are used or a few colors are used in an organized manner

_______/10 points


  1. Organization-information is easy to find and relevant to the theme

_______/30 points


  1. Neatness-all parts of the poster are legible and gradable

_______/10 points


  1. Timeliness-you will receive 10 points for having your poster completed by Friday.

However, if your poster is not completed on time then you will receive half credit.

                                                                                                                                    _______/10 points



                                                                                                            TOTAL      =         _______/130 POINTS